Welcome to the Blog

The Refresh Blog is intended to be a collective effort.  Its purpose is twofold; first, to encourage the women of Refresh and second, to give the writer a venue to share their heart through the written (or typed) word. Since we all are unique with different passions and talents, let's learn from the best parts of each other. The hope is that this blog will be a tool to build community within Refresh.  So get a coffee, grab a seat, and be Refreshed. 


A note from the Organizer: Jamie Schlegel

Hi, I am glad you dropped by! Two of my favorite roles in life are being a wife and mom. I treasure my family and friends and would much rather meet for coffee than get anything done at home. I am a regular person, on my own course of discovering and following Jesus and am a work in progress. Currently, I am embracing the journey instead of striving for perfection. Community and finding the good in others are two of my passions.

Enough about me. Let's move on to why we are here and what this blog is about. I love Sarah's heart for Refresh and am inspired by her faith in action. These two things coupled with my passion for community have led me to this blog. I had a vision for a collaborative blog some time ago.  Through some dreaming and planning Refresh has come up with a really fun way to execute it. I truly hope you enjoy and your heart is refreshed as you read.