Why are you asking everyone to come on thursday this year?

In an ideal world our suggestion would be to check-in Thursday afternoon. Spend the evening on your own or with friends shopping, dining and having dessert and getting a good night sleep OR be purposeful in your time away and use the afternoon to journal, read and rest! Friday morning we will roll into our optional, pre-retreat sessions with a focus on leadership! We would love for you to enjoy breakfast at the hotel and join us at 11AM. If your schedule does not permit this, then we encourage you to arrive in the afternoon on Friday and allow yourself time to check-in, rest, change and eat before the Opening Session begins on Friday evening at 6:30PM. You can plan to be in intensive, Refresh events all day Saturday and Saturday evening. Once the retreat starts there is not a lot of down time. Take advantage and come early! 


what are the pre-retreat sessions 

We want to maximize our time together and have planned additional sessions on Friday morning in hopes that you will be able to get away a bit sooner, have more time to rest and process before the full event begins Friday Night.  The 'Pre-Retreat' Sessions will be geared specifically for leadership, so if this is something you want to grow in or are interested in connecting further with the Refresh Community you will not want to miss these sessions. 


Is there a keynote speaker?  

There will be speaking sessions, however, it will be Words shared by the women of Refresh. Those that have been apart of Refresh and have a message in season for this retreat.  We do not have someone coming in as our highlighted guest speaker, but with that said, the ladies sharing are so fabulous and real, you will not be thinking about this question when it is done.


Is there traffic in Houston?

YES! Lots! Please note that the hotel is near the heart of the city and Houston traffic can be crazy! If you are commuting in please allow plenty of time to arrive and avoid high traffic times in the city (6-9am & 3-6pm). Avoiding these times will give you a better chance a breezing into town. 


Is breakfast included? 

If you booked a sleeping room through Hotel Sorella, they provide a continental breakfast each morning in the hotel lobby. They have fabulous coffee too. Very important!! 


If I can’t make every Main Retreat session can I just come to some?  

We kindly ask that you would make room in your schedule to attend every main retreat session.  As we will have many personalized moments as well as designated small groups that will meet throughout the weekend, it is only fair to the rest of the attendees to participate in all sessions with us.


The prices for the products seem a little high, what's the deal?

In an effort to keep registration fees low, we have decided to sell some fun products to help close the gap financially.  All profits from the product sales will go directly back into Refresh and the work continuing! Buy a shirt and you will be apart of helping women walk in their call! Now that’s a deal.  


How can I help you with the event?

Great question, I am so glad you asked! The Refresh Retreat is all about participation. We ask that you would begin praying, even now, for the retreat, your sisters joining you there and that the Lord would move in our hearts in a unique but unified way.  Come with a heart of expectancy to receive from the Lord but also a heart to serve and love those around you.  We are building a community, not a weekend function!


If my schedule un-expectantly changes and I am not able to come, is my registration fee refundable?

Regretfully, we are unable to offer any refunds at this time.  With the nature of the event being intimate and personalized, we are unable to offer any sort of refund. Please kindly notify us if you have a change in plans so we can adjust accordingly. 


The Refresh Retreat is only $75, what’s the catch?

No catch. Refresh simply desires to create an environment of generosity.  Our heart is to bless, lavish and Refresh (wink wink).  We welcome those that can do more to join us in being a blessing and help with the costs.  The truth is, it costs Refresh $225 per person to put on the Retreat, so if you would like to partner with Refresh financially we would love for you to join the journey!  Click here to donate.


How does the Refresh Retreat differ from a woman’s conference? 

The Refresh Retreat is designed to more interactive and requires more participation than a standard conference size would allow for. We have designed the weekend to have personal times of reflection, journaling, small group interaction, group meals etc.  We are developing a community for the long haul. 


If I come for a get-away by myself will I feel weird?

Not at all!  Actually, some might be super jealous.  The word Refresh says it all, you need to come and gain a reviving of your spirit, body and soul and if that means you and a huge bed and quiet room to yourself...  DO IT SISTER!


You mentioned the beds in the double rooms are small, how small?

SMALL!! If you are going with your four BFF’s and don’t like any personal space while sleeping then go for it. But if you are able financially to spend a little more and get your own bed, you will probably thank us for the heads up.  


Should I wait until the last minute to register?

NO! Don’t do it! Just don’t.  We only have 125 spots this year.  Sadly, once we hit this number of registrations we will have to close registration until next year.  Also, you will need to register on or before November 1st as that will be the cut off date if we do not reach capacity first.  Since Refresh is about intimacy, keeping things personal, deep and personalized we have to be able to plan and account for a certain number by a certain date.  So REGISTER TODAY!


I noticed that dinner is not provided, are there restaurants around or that you recommend?  

Yes, there are several right there in the center where the hotel is located. There are several options right there in walking distance that you will love!! Check out the City Centre page HERE for a full list of shops and restaurants. 


Do I need to pay to park my car?  

There is valet for an extra charge or you can park in the garage next to the hotel at no extra cost.


What is the dress code?  Is this the type of thing where it says “casual” but then everyone shows up in heels and I am wearing my slippers?

Well, who knows. As for me… I will be leaving my stilettos at home.  Our goal is to be comfortable and enjoy the day in a more casual setting.  Whatever you want to wear that you can feel comfortable in is the perfect thing! Nothing fancy needed!