REfresh living room 

The Living Room is where Refresh was birthed and part of the core of who we are.  The heartbeat of Refresh is relationships and we want to cultivate an atmosphere to take them deeper.  In 2018 we will re-launch Refresh Living Rooms in several states and multiple homes gathering together in a unified manner while allowing the creativity of the hostess to run free. The Refresh Living Room is about taking the time to allow the Lord to fuel your God-given passions and desires to further His Kingdom.  It will be a living room full of women after the Heart of God, encouraging one another on the journey.  We will dream together, laugh together, encourage one another and grow deeper in relationship with our creator. Because we are simply better together! 


want to attend a local living room? 

We will be re-launching the Refresh Living Rooms in early 2018.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the updated information as it comes.  Details of locations and dates are still to be determined.  We will update social media and the website as we have more information!




Where it all began...

It all began in a living room in Mckinney, Texas.  A group of friends gathering together with one goal, a deeper relationship with each other and The Lord.  We ate, shared, loved, cried, ate some more, encouraged and inspired one another to say YES to all that God had called each of us to.  Sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

The second Refresh gathering in Mckinney Texas in June 2013

The second Refresh gathering in Mckinney Texas in June 2013