Refresh is offering practical workshops Friday and Saturday afternoons during the Retreat. The workshops, packed with amazing content and deeper conversations, will enable us to learn from one another, fostering growth both corporately and personally. Please read through the following descriptions and make your selections below. Please make your selection no later than January 18th so we can plan ahead for your attendance. 

Please note the workshop times below in the schedule of events. We encourage you to attend the Pre-Retreat sessions on Friday morning and afternoon; you will not want to miss them. 



4:00pm  |  Check-In to Hotel Sorella 

4:00pm - 6:00pm  |  Refresh Retreat Check-In (Ballroom Lobby) 




10:30am - 11:00am  |  Refresh Retreat Check-In (Ballroom Lobby) 

11:00am  |  Pre-Retreat Session One 

12:00pm  |  Lunch/Rest Break 

2:00pm - 2:45pm  |  Pre-Retreat Workshops (make selection below)

3:00pm - 6:00pm  |  Break for Dinner - Check out the City Centre Restaurants HERE 

4:00pm - 6:00pm  |  Refresh Retreat Check-In (Ballroom Lobby) 


6:00pm  |  Doors Open

6:30pm  |  Opening Session Begins 




9:30am  |   Morning Session Begins 

12:00pm  |  Lunch as a Group (included)

2:00pm - 2:45pm  |  Workshops (make selection below)

3:00pm  |  Dream Session

4:00pm  |  Break for Dinner - Check out the City Centre Restaurants HERE

7:00pm  |  Final Session

10:00pm  |  Event Scheduled End Time

Friday, January 26

at 2:00pm

The below workshops will be held on Friday afternoon in four breakout rooms at the ballroom area of the hotel. Please select from the four workshops listed below and register your attendance with the form at the bottom of this page.

Friday WORKSHOP ONE - 2:00pm:   

Women who lead

John Maxwell, a leadership guru, defines leadership as influence. All of us, no matter who you are, have been given a sphere of influence by God; an opportunity to lead courageously, love deeply, and serve wholeheartedly those who are following us. In this particular workshop you’ll hear from a panel of three women with different perspectives and experiences: the founder of a non-profit ministry, founder of a charitable organization, and a pastor’s wife. Through panel discussion and Q&A, our hope is for you to walk away with some practical tips and applications, as well as encouragement for your spirit.

Topics may include: communication/conflict; working with and developing teams/volunteers; stewarding time and resources; the value of mentorship

friday Workshop two - 2:00pm:

Writer's workshop

Our culture today is aching to hear good news, and as Christ bearers we should be using all our God given tools and gifts getting this information out.

Has God given you a passion for spreading this news through the gift of writing? Whether you are a seasoned writer or just answering the call, this is the workshop for you. We will be talking through impacting our culture through the art of writing as well as practical tips to get you started or keep you going. Too many times we set aside our callings because of lack of time or even fear of failure. These reasons can hold us back from using our voices to bring the kingdom news, but the motivation we need comes from the completed work of Christ.

Realizing our identity will help us realize our ability to let God use our voices for His good purposes. Come ready to dig in and participate in conversations and writing exercises that silence any doubts you have. God wants to use your voice!

Friday workshop three - 2:00pm:

Speaking boldly in the prophetic

Do you think you have a prophetic gift and want to learn how to grow and mature in it? Are you intimidated by the word “Prophetic” or simply don’t understand the meaning or value in such a gift? Or do you land somewhere in between? Then this workshop is for you! Come discover the tools that will help you cultivate a healthy and confident prophetic gift. We will lay a Biblical foundation and understanding of what Prophecy is and what it isn’t. We will have fun as we interact with one another to learn some practical tools and ways you can operate your daily life speaking boldly in the prophetic to family, friends and even strangers. We will openly discuss the hindrances and break intimidation often associated with prophetic! It is our hope that during this workshop every person who attends will not only receive a Prophetic Word but also leave feeling confident in speaking a Prophetic Word to someone else!

Friday workshop four - 2:00pm:

I need to refresh

Are you worn out? Does the idea of dreaming seem suffocating because you know that you don’t have the bandwidth for one more thought, idea, or thing? It’s okay, me too. Join me, a recovering worn-out-overcommitter, as we create the space to come back to our first and highest role as a daughter of the King. Whether you are in a season of working, in ministry, the PTA queen, or just overcommitted and need a chance to catch your breath, start the weekend by stopping and connecting to the Lord’s heart for us as His daughters. In this workshop we will:

        - explore our identity as His Daughter
        - evaluate our yes's and no's
        - exercise being in His presence
        - establish practical ways to connect with Him

saturday, JANUARY 27

AT 2:00PM

The below workshops will be held on Saturday afternoon in five breakout rooms at the ballroom area of the hotel. Please select from the five workshops listed below and register your attendance with the form at the bottom of this page.

saturday workshop one - 2:00pm:

stop drifting. start connecting.

Under one roof yet far apart. Together but disconnected. Like two ships passing in the night, are you and your husband missing each other amongst the day-to-day grind of ordinary life? If so, you’re not alone. The cares of this world can distract us from connecting with those that matter most. Join a wife, and mother of three for a candid discussion on how to stop relationship drift, and begin the beautiful, and often messy journey back to deep connection.

This workshop will help you: Uncover the causes behind why we drift apart; Put a stop to the drift; Learn how to stay connected and close; Discover the surprising benefits of a deep connection

saturday workshop two - 2:00pm:

big vision, small steps.

Do you have a big vision, yet are completely overwhelmed with how you are going to get there? If you’ve ever wondered how to start working towards your big dream in your current season, this workshop is for you. Join three women who are currently walking out their big visions, and will share from different perspectives on how they are taking small steps and making them count. Whether your vision includes ministry, a business opportunity, or making a difference in your community (or all of the above!), join us for an honest discussion about the unique challenges of developing your big vision right where you are. We will be sharing from our own experiences and the practical tips that helped us move from being just dreamers to becoming doers. 

saturday workshop three - 2:00pm:

living a lifestyle of worship

We hear a lot about living a "lifestyle" of worship, but what does that really look like in daily life? This workshop will provide you practical answers and a better understanding of what worship is and how powerful it can be in the life of every believer. 

saturday workshop four - 2:00pm: 

creating intentional community

Do you see the potential for more depth or deeper relationships with the people around you? Do you see the gap where these relationships are and where they could be? The Lord has placed us in community to bring life to us, but also to bring His life to others. He connects our hearts to His and uses us to further His kingdom. The potential for deeper, more intentional relationships is there-whether it is with your co-workers, neighbors, friends, schoolmates or teammates. The gap between "superficial" and "life-giving" may be easier than we think if we just tap into this God-given direction.

At the Creating Intentional Community workshop we will: Dive into God’s heart for people; Deepen our part in His Kingdom; Develop a few intentional tools to take our relationships deeper; Delve into the Refresh Living Room vision, process and FAQ’s.

saturday workshop five - 2:00pm:

define and refine: a branding & website workshop

This workshop is for women who have a business or ministry and are seeking strategies for fine tuning their branding, messaging, website, and internet marketing efforts. 
Come learn how to define and refine your brand, and how to use social media to reach your target audience. Discover tips to stay inspired and keep your creativity flowing. 
Learn how to evaluate your current website to make sure your messaging is clear, and receive a “every website must have these things” checklist. We will also be discussing on-site SEO strategies you can do yourself to immediately improve your search engine rankings, ensuring your products/business/ministry are getting in front of the right people.
You will leave this workshop with real, practical tools to help you tackle all things digital marketing in 2018!


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